A Baby Walker is undoubtedly a fun device that helps a baby for his/her early development. If you have already purchased a baby walker then you must give attention to few things so that your little one can be safe while spending time in the walker.

Six things you must give attention to after purchasing a Baby Walker

Today, we are going to give you a few tips on how to use a Baby Walker and those are given below:

  1. When the baby is in the walker, never leave him/her alone, never! caregivers must pay attention to the baby at any time to prevent danger. 
  2. The baby’s using time should not exceed the limit. Normally, a baby can use a walker from 30-60 minutes, differing from the experience and the age of your baby. Because exceeding the time limit might affect the baby’s bone development.
  3. According to the height of your baby, the height of the walker must be adjusted, ensuring that the baby’s feet touch the ground completely; otherwise, a difficult situation may arise.
  4. Before using the baby walker, always check whether the folding function is normal, whether the components are installed in place, and whether the links are firm. Because when your baby is in the walker and the walker is not functioning well then it may put your baby in danger.
  5. Most of the babies’ weights increase very fast as they grow fast at this phase. But every baby walker is designed to support a particular weight range. Normally, baby walkers are able to contain a weight of between 15 to 25 pounds. So, the maximum load of the Walker should not exceed otherwise an accident may occur.
  6. It should not be used excessively. If babies spend too much time in a walker then they will not get the chance to practice their balance and the other skills they need to walk.

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