Tips on how to choose a Baby Walker

What is a Baby Walker?

A Baby Walker is a device for babies who cannot walk on their own from one place to another place. But nowadays baby walkers are also recommended for toddlers for their early development. Its base is made of hard plastic that is set up on top of wheels and suspended fabric seat with two leg holes. So, the best baby walkers are undoubtedly fun to use.

Baby Walker Safety

In 2004, the Canadian government banned the sale of baby walkers. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has also recommended they be banned in the U.S. but, so far, they are still legal. If you still want to purchase a baby walker then make sure it meets the safety standards set in 1997.

Today, we will give you a few tips on how to choose a baby walker and we hope our tips will be helpful!

Tips on how to choose a Baby Walker

Before purchasing a baby walker you must consider few things to make sure that you are purchasing the right walker for your little one and those things are given below:

  1. Do not select a heavy baby walker. It is difficult for the baby to move in a weighty walker. It may lead to more accidents or the baby may get discouraged to use it again.
  2. Must check the wheel locks, seat belts, and other safety features.
  3. Make certain that its materials are non-toxic with non-toxic paints.
  4. Make sure the walker doesn’t have any manufacturing defects and poor finishing signs.
  5. The weight of your baby matters when it comes to a walker. Make sure the walker you are choosing to buy able to contain your baby’s weight.
  6. Select a walker that is height adjustable. Make sure your baby’s feet are completely touching the floor while in the walker.
  7. There should be a space of between 3 or 4 inches from the walker try to the baby’s ribs otherwise your baby will not feel comfortable during movement.

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